A perfect hawaii wedding

Since 1993



We load ladders, transport them, unload them, and climb them to make sure your florals are just perfect. 

We notice that your cake hasn't arrived, come to find that the delivery truck has a flat tire. We send a driver to retrieve your wedding cake and place it on your cake table before you enter the room.

Ask that the 100 chairs be replaced with new ones before you see them because the initial set of chairs were in unacceptable condition. 

On some days, we perform weddings where the best man is dressed in boxer shorts because he has graciously provided his pants to the groom who couldn't locate his. 

We casually enter your ballroom of 350 guests and remove your 3-tier wedding cake during your bridal party speeches because we notice your cake slowly sliding and will inevitably transform into a 1 tier cake quickly.

We share a cup of coffee with your 80 year old Aunt who has arrived 2 hours early because she didn't want to be late.

We hire a musician who is playing in the courtyard down the hall of the hotel when the one you had arranged is at the wrong hotel and won't arrive on time.

We load the delivery vehicles for your wedding, unload your equipment at the wedding, and after the wedding we return after your event is over and load the equipment in the vehicles and unload it again after you've left for your honeymoon.

We are the do'ers, the people who think on their feet, the idea people, the problem solvers. The people putting it out there for you.... even if you never know we are. Our commitment to you is that we will bring our passion and dedication every time we work and put our hearts into whatever we do. You are trusting us on the most important day of your life and we are sincerely honored to be apart of it.